Create Calm in an Ocean of Family!

Have family coming into town next week or are you traveling to be with family? Disrupting your child’s schedule and space can have a direct effect on her emotions – moving her down the hall so grandma and grandpa can sleep in her room? All sleeping in one room at Grandma’s house where she wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings?


Creating a private sanctuary for your child where it is OK for her to escape when the noise, activities, other younger cousins becomes too much can help make your holidays much calmer for everyone.


Keep it simple – OK so the images aren’t simple but what fun would that be? Last year when we traveled over Christmas I simply sectioned off the corner of our room where my daughter was sleeping with two chairs and a sheet to give her a half wall around her airbed. She kept all of her clothes organized under the chairs, added a flashlight for reading and an extension cord for using my laptop. It was like a private hotel room!


This works just as well if your child has to share her room with young cousins or is camping in your bedroom to make room for guests. Being away from home does not make it any less disruptive in fact in can sometimes be worse to have other “invading” her personal space. So redefine that space for a few days. Talk to your child to tell them you understand – in advance – let her help you set up the tent or fort. Get ahead of the tantrums so your holidays run more smoothly.

Be honest…isn’t there someone in your family you would like to hide from once in a while? Just for a few minutes?


I am grateful we have a large family that creates chaos over the holidays!

I am grateful we get to travel to all be together.

I am grateful to have a room and a bed to retreat back to at the end of each day – or occasionally for a quick break in the middle of the day!

I am grateful I have the ability to give that same respite to my child.

xo Barbara

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  1. A very thoughtful and intuitive take on the holiday from a child’s perspective. And don’t those teepee pictures just make you want to combine electricity and cotton at any risk? Happy Restorative Holidays.