Marathons, Kindness and Guilty Pleasures

I don’t think anyone is surprised that at times of crisis we are a great nation, pulling together to help one another. People are at their best and that is lovely.

Sometimes it is the small things that make a difference.


Some times it is larger things like almost 2,000 people showing up yesterday to run in New York even though the official marathon had been cancelled. They gathered in central part and ran. They were runners primarily who were running to raise money for a cause and didn’t want their charity to suffer. They brought with them hurricane relief donations and ran around and around central park so that they did not disrupt city worker’s focus on hurricane relief and repairs.


Small children are contributing from their piggy banks. E started an online campaign to ask others to contribute from their piggy banks as well.

To see E’ and support his campaign watch his video here.

If you live in the New York area and have children Mommy Poppins wrote an extensive post on how your child can be involved in helping clean up from Sandy. If you are outside New York we need to be more creative or wait until organizations have time to put together relief programs.

 These are all wonderful and heroic things, but sometimes I think it is just as important to make people laugh!

I have a secret (well it’s not a secret to my family) but I love Bravo. I watch many of the shows when I am working on projects, I watched a Real Housewives episode while I was upholstering a chair seat tonight.

One of my favorite shows is Watch What Happens Live because host Andy Cohen is so sincere in his enthusiasm. It just makes me happy.

His week night show is filmed live in Manhattan and was only off the air for one night due to the Hurricane. He is not the nightly news, he doesn’t have to be so dedicated but it makes viewers feel better. On his show they have drinking game words, currently Andy is donating $100 to the Red Cross every time someone says the drinking game word.

So here is one of my guilty pleasures – I loved the episode they filmed this week with Jimmy Fallon and their rapid question game. It’s silly, but it made me laugh out loud and sometimes that is just what you need. (This is a late night TV show and not for “family” viewing).

Watch them play!

I am grateful for the kindness to strangers you are seeing on the streets of New York.

I am grateful for the runners who where so committed to their cause they just had to run.

I am grateful for the ability to laugh. I believe everyone needs to laugh out loud at least once a day!

LOL Barbara



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