52 Mess to YES Makeovers in 52 Weeks!

Starting this week we are making a big commitment to our Mess to YES videos. You love them and I love making them! Every Thursday all year long we will have a new video for you AND we will be adding the directions, project lists, dimensions, etc. here so you can Do It Yourself!

52 projects smaller

I will be filming 52 makeovers over the next 52 weeks for a budget of $52 or less. Each project will be a useful home decor item, no flower arrangements or beaded necklaces here – those projects are great, but they are not what we do. We have a great upholstered ottoman, fun headboard ideas, creative lighting and more already planned to share with you. Plus, I will pull from local rebuilding centers, thrift stores and more and I will chronicle some of those outings so you know what I look for when I am looking at a pile of furniture that may appear to be a bunch of junk and then you’ll get to see the transformation that week.

We plan to include some of our whole room Mess to YES makeovers as well! We have a number of rooms already lined up and are talking with families about even more potential homes. If you live within an hour of Portland, OR and want to be considered for our whole room makeovers, email me and I’ll share the scoop about how we invade your home with cameras and work with your family to transform the space.

Mess to YES behind the scenes

We will stretch the budget for the whole room makeovers, but we will share specific DIY projects with you that do meet the $52 criteria. For example, in the dining room makeover I built the toy storage bench, made the chalkboard wall art, sewed the curtains and more. But you didn’t get to see any of that because of the constraints of production. Now we will walk you through the whole makeover one project at at time.

We will even be making over a kitchen with oak cabinets into something clean and fresh! We will be lightening up spaces and making them simpler and more functional for the New Year!

pinterest kitchen

Better Homes and Gardens

We are going to be moving at high speed around here so I’m taking my vitamins and putting on my running shoes… Join me as we makeover spaces one Mess at a time!!!



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