7 Family Photo Displays That Aren’t Boring!

It is the time of year when families start thinking about annual photos for holiday cards or gifts for grandparents. Your family has also lived an entire year full of wonderful moments – how do you get those memories out of your camera or computer and onto your walls?

Yes, you can use photo shelves to make your grouping more stylish and uniform. Very chic!


Or you can mat and frame in consistent colors to add harmony to your wall groupings. Lovely!

From Pinterest

But how can you add some fun into these often boring collections of  your most treasured memories.  When you present things in a surprising way it always makes them more memorable and more fun!

1. Blow ‘em up: Have your favorite print of your child printed life size or even larger than life size – spray mount them on foam core board and cut around them to add some fun to your play room or child’s bedroom. Action shots are also great for this – put a photo of your child shooting a basket next to a small indoor hoop mounted on the wall!

Peek a boo! Weston and Colton see you!

2. Catch them Candid: Girl in Air created these wonderful photo booth strips – one for each family member. She provides a step by step tutorial if you want to create these for your family members!

Girl in Air DIY Photo Booth Strips

3. Branch Out: Show your child their place on a visual family tree. Often in today’s world our larger family is spread across the country, help your child stay connected to distant cousins by actually displaying how the family is linked on your own family tree.

From Better Homes and Gardens

 4. Clip them Up: Using a large number of almost anything in a space makes a much bolder design statement. By taking something as simple as a standard clipboard and putting them up all over this kid’s bedroom you add impact. And bonus – the clipboards are interactive so photos can be easily changed any time!

Image from Ashley Ann Photography

5. Focus in: Small black and white photos have a big impact when they are grouped together to form a heart in this colorful room. The contrast of the black and white photos on the brightly colored wall makes this a striking focal point. You could make all kinds of fun shapes – an exclamation point, a silhouette….


 6. Tell a Story: When you have your photos printed onto canvas – which can be done in your local store, online, even at membership warehouse stores – add in some words, names, or favorite quotes. It adds interest to your grouping as well as meaning.

Image from SD Photography

7. Make them pop: Adding brightly colored mats to this grouping makes it much more memorable. Keep in mind that it only works to have every photo framed in a different color because they are all the same size, framed in the same frame and all black and white images. Just adding bright colors to an already busy display won’t help!

Image from Martha Stewart

 Let your photo arrangements tell a story. Don’t be afraid to break out of the boring hallway box and try something new! You might even decide you want to go completely nuts and paper your whole wall…think visual guest book, candid moments, creating your own mosaic of your life…or nnt. It’s all up to you. Now were are those picture hooks?


Image from Remodelista.com

xo Barbara

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    1. Yes, Girl in Air said she saw the idea in a movie and then created her own for her family. This image is the one she found of the staircase in the movie.