DIY a Coastal Seashell Mirror


Everywhere you turn right now seashells are being used in even the most elegant interiors. This is an easy way to mix up a room’s decor especially if you also introduce a fun bright color.

Sea shells still work great in coastal decor of course! But give them a try in any interior style.

This is one of the easiest projects I have done, any level of DIY skill can tackle this and create something beautiful and you don’t even need a single tool!

The Design

When I was walking through High Point Market (where designers go twice a year to find out what is new and fabulous in the world of design) I saw seashells everywhere. I knew instantly I wanted to create my own version of the mirrors I saw.

This would be fantastic in a front hall for last looks as you head out the door, or in a powder room over the sink to inspire a color scheme. Powder rooms are the perfect space to first introduce bright pops of color that may or may not blend with the rest of your decor. They can be  like a little jewel box!

blue-mirror-drawingThe Materials

  • 1 Mirror with a simple, classic molding
  • 4 Large seashells larger than the width of the mirror frame


  • Loctite Power Grab adhesive
  • Spray on paint primer
  • High gloss spray paint in a color of your choice
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper or other paper to mask off the mirror


The Process

  • Wash the frame thoroughly so the paint will adhere well
  • Adhere the seashells to the four corners of the mirror – make sure outside corner is covered by the shells – let this dry overnight
  • Mask off the mirror with newspaper and painters tape – make sure that your tape does not cover any part of the frame!
  • Prime the frame well with many light coats of spray primer
  • Spray on the glossy bright color over the primer
  • Peel away the tape and paper carefully

Watch the video if you are confused about any part of this process, email me or comment and I will respond!


The Outcome

I used the mirror in my own living room. I pulled in some bright blue glass I have to help connect it to the rest of the room and you can see reflected in the mirror a vintage stained glass mirror I have that has some touches of the same colors. I added bowls of seashells from our time at the beach and I am very happy with the results! It’s elegant and it’s just a touch whimsical.


The Budget 

$19.99 – Mirror

$6.32 – Loctite Power Grab Adhesive

$16.00 – 4 Shells at $4 each

$3.69 – Spray primer

$3.69 – High gloss spray paint

$2.69 – Painter’s tape

$0.00 – Newspaper

TOTAL: $46.98


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  1. I love the boldness of the blue with the mirror, what a great accent decor that is easy to do but makes a statement!

  2. Fun idea! Would be perfect at a beach house, of course! The perfect project for keeping an eye out for mirrors at Goodwill, too!

  3. What a clear tutorial—thanks! And I think it’s clever to add a pop of unexpected color. It makes the project seem less beach house-y.

  4. Huh . . . I would never have thought of seashells as part of interior decor. Interesting.

  5. SO CUTE! I love the bright blue color, seems like a good way to add a splash of accent to a room.
    Thanks for sharing this clever DIY, cheers! :)