Glow in the Dark Chalk Lights up a Sleepover

Writing birthday wishes on a chalkboard wall is always a fun touch for a birthday celebration. But it can be extra fun at a sleepover when the chalk you use glows in the dark!

YES Spaces Birthday Chalk Wall

 Technically, the write-ups I found say you don’t need a black light but the effects of the glow chalk will be much more dramatic under black light. You can purchase a specialized black light bulb that screws into a standard fixture at your local hardware store. Change one ceiling light or floor lamp you can shine on the chalk wall for a more vivid effect.

YES Spaces Chalk wall black light

  Crayola makes Glow in the Dark Chalk kits, you will  need to mix powders and liquid and use a mold to form the chalk. So don’t expect to open the box and have glow in the dark chalk ready to use.

crayola glow chalk Amazon

Or you can make your own chalk – a fun “pre-party” activity for the birthday child. Growing a Jeweled Rose has a step by step tutorial on mixing up your magic potion.

Make your own glowing chalk 00

A DIY project from Growing a Jeweled Rose

It would also be a fun way to send a special message to your child at night….Sweet Dreams!

It’s  a simple but memorable touch for a party or any occasion and that’s my favorite kind of project!


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