Hurricane Sandy: How to Help

If you are reading this you have power and while you may still be suffering from the effects of the damage you are safe. For the rest of us removed from the situation when there is a large scale disaster it is difficult to know what to do. We put messages on Facebook, call our friends but we are far away.

If you have children and they have seen the news it is especially nice to give them something tangible to do. The Huffington Post today has a list of non-profit organizations that can use your help. Some of them are geographically specific and rule those of us on the other side of the country out and others are just asking for donations but the Post is calling this a developing list so I plan to check back regularly to see what we can do.

I am especially interested in the efforts of Save the Children. At YES Spaces we certainly share the thought that “every child has a right to grow up healthy and happy.”

Collect food for your local food bank as they will be networking to shift food to areas with the most need.

Check the American Red Cross or AmeriCares for lists of items you could collect and donate from around your house.

Most of these organizations are still assessing the needs and forming response strategies but keep watching for ways you and your family can contribute to the well-being of those most affected.

And to those of you on the East Coast, stay safe we are thinking of you!

xo Barbara

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