Mess to YES Preview: A Crafty Closet Makeover

Watch our MESS to YES Home Makeover!

We are in pre-production for our next MESS to YES Home Makeover video. (OK, so I only learned the word pre-production when we filmed our pilot episode – but I’m going to slip it in like I knew it all along anyway!)

This time we are creating a craft area in a walk-in closet off of a playroom.

craft closet door

When I first saw the closet from the safety of the tidy playroom I thought this shouldn’t be a problem. But in reality I couldn’t even get the door open. If we are lucky enough to have a large closet off of a play or bonus room isn’t that what many of us do? Use it to hide the clutter? And if we don’t do it our kids definitely do when we send them to clean up their toys.

This closet was supposed to be a craft area, dad even installed a vinyl floor to handle spills (check that off my list). But what I saw was that while the playroom is fairly large there is not enough storage and the craft area only had a couple of high shelves that held plastic supply boxes looming overhead. There really is very little space to put things away so…hide them.

Craft closet before

Even the kids understand the magnitude of this challenge while I was talking with the family the youngest daughter (5) slid in next to me on the sofa and said “How can you ever turn that mess into a yes?” OK, first, how cute is that? Second, great job picking the Mess to YES name Trevor! But how I responded was to ask her what would make it a YES for her. She said she just wanted to have room to actually make things. We can handle that!

There is a children’s art table buried in that pile so we have that to start with. We are going to add a larger project table (drop leaf) for the now 9 year old son who will need an area to spread out on for larger school projects. And we are bringing in lots of storage – good bye tiny shelves! Here is the floor plan.


The storage will be on the back wall so we don’t take up any of the narrow space. And I will be adding lights anywhere we can since there is no natural light in the space.


We will also be creating a graphic interactive wall, that will add a little light, a little style and a space to display all the wonderful masterpieces created here.


I’ll save some of the details of that wall for the video. We will be filming next week so we are heading into a whirlwind of activity while we still manage our on-going design projects and jump on all the DIY creations we I am making for Serving Up Style and prepare for my presentation coming up at High Point Market about the psychology of design. It’s a fun and exciting time here at YES Spaces, I hope everything is fun and exciting where you are!


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