My Master Bedroom Today…Don’t Judge!

My bedroom has become a sweatshop for one – me. I am shackled to my sewing machine until I finish all of the bedding for the Oregon Street of Dreams DaVinci House. (link:

I am creating two “teen” bedrooms, both with custom sewing, building an upholstered bed, repurposing other furniture and creating some one of a kind decorative objects. (Did I mention this all needs to go in this week?) I am also creating a custom shower curtain for the shared teen bath. Plus, I am contributing to some other spaces like the game room, the craft room (I know I want a craft room too! They do call it Street of Dreams for a reason).

Because we have started our new business, are sending kids to college and, well,  feeding all five of them…I am creating these rooms to look like luxurious comfort on a BUDGET. I will be sharing videos and blogs of some of the DIY projects I am creating as well as touring the finished spaces – so stay tuned a lot is happening around here!

But for today I am barricaded behind the sewing machine and the thread is flying. Now where did I put those scissors?




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  1. What a cool challenge, designing for teenagers! I will be following your progress eagerly and can’t wait to see the final result. Looks like the color palette includes blue (denim?) and gray.

    1. Thanks Beth! Still in shackles today… The color scheme
      is blues (including denim, grays and rusts, lots of metal tones. I’ll post photos of the color palettes for the girl’s and boy’s bedrooms today!