Remembering (and being inspired by) Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak died today, but you won’t get any of those boring facts and details about his death here. I want to take a moment to celebrate his life and his creative spirit.

Photo from the Herald Examiner UK
Image from the Eric Carle Museum

This illustration from Where the Wild Things Are is a major inspiration’s in my work, I want to create spaces where children see, imagine and experience so much more than the physical furnishings. Why wouldn’t a bed be a forest, a pirate’s ship, a tiny desert island surrounded by sharks?

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore By Wilkinson Eyre & Atelier Ten Source

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore would be the best place on earth today to let the wild rumpus start…but really who wouldn’t want to go there any day! It’s like a Maurice Sendak book come to life.

Maybe you could create a tent like Max’s for remembering, and creating your own fantastic journeys.

From Small Magazine

All you need is one cute Max, one wild thing….

From Second Life

One kingly tent…

and one stool for pondering great thoughts.

Or maybe you are more the blanket fort type, who just needs a spot to sit and read a good book.

From the Tutus and Turtles 2009 Wild Things Fort Contest

 Sail on Mr. Sendak. We’ll keep the rumpus going.

By Robert Brandner
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