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Yes Spaces DIY Stylish and Functional Art Display

“Every Child Is An Artist.” Pablo Picaso

I tend to be the first parent who complains about the sheer volume of artwork, worksheets, and general paper sent home from school. With four creative kids who love all kinds of media, my fridge, counters and recycling bin can barely keep up! For a while I was filing most of it away in each child’s ‘scrap book’ box, probably never to be seen again, and feeling somewhat guilty that my OCD for clean surfaces was keeping the kids from feeling honored for their creativity.

My youngest daughter, Hannah, shows me (often) her desire to see her work displayed in her willingness to decorate areas of the home that aren’t even designated for art. My garage door was recently made ‘prettier’ with black Sharpe. I was not happy. 

An easy, affordable DIY art display solved both of my challenges: Not only is this project one you can do it less than 20 minutes for less than $20, it allows me to alternate artwork and display it stylishly in just about any room!



Frame  - You can choose any size frame you want for this project, but definitely choose one that comes with a matting. It will keep the cost down, look nicer, help hold the fabric behind the matting, and offer an easy place to glue the clothespins. The one pictured cost $11.99 on sale at Michaels and it is just big enough to hold a standard 8.5”x11” piece of paper.

Hot Glue Gun – You don’t NEED one, but it makes it much easier and faster. If you do not have one, you can use Elmers Glue too. 

Burlap or any background fabric – You can be creative with the background because sometimes you won’t be able to see it, but make sure to choose something that will go with the decor in the room where you will hang or display the frame. You won’t need more than $5 of fabric.

Mini wood Spring Clothespins - These are just adorable and also less than $3 for a pack of 18. If you get ambitious, you can paint or embellish these to coordinate with the fabric or frame.


While I decided to hang three in my kitchen, depending on the size of frame you choose, they can be a solution for just about anywhere you would have a bulletin board. I’m considering making a larger one for my office for next to my DIY whiteboard 

As always, if you love this DIY project please post pictures of yours on our Facebook page! This is also a great project to pin and save for later! Thanks for reading!


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