Sunbrella’s Perspective Atlanta Makes Stylish Living Easy

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I grew up in a home with white walls, white carpets and formal furnishings. I was an only child who was never allowed to wear shoes in the house, touch the walls, or walk where the carpet had just been vacuumed (it messes up those lines you know!) I’m just guessing (not really) that this experience and the fact that I have 5 children who I want to feel comfortable in my stylish home led to the creation of YES Spaces.

I truly believe you can have a beautiful home, that functions for your family and where EVERY  member of your family can live comfortably. Sunbrella is one of my go to choices for beautiful fabrics that look and feel like any other luxurious upholstery but that clean up and endure the rigors of your family’s everyday life.

Project ATL Media Room White modern furnishings a family could actually sit on

Sunbrella recently asked designer Alex Gaston to furnish an urban Atlanta Loft as part of Perspective Atlanta. Through their video series you can see the entire transformation from what the loft looked like before and the challenges that Alex found to the reveal to the team from Sunbrella and Lonny magazine.

Alex Gaston

One of the most interesting videos is where Alex gives some insight into how to pick the perfect sofa for your space. He specifies the one you see below but you see the process of making all the small decisions which alter the final design and appearance of your sofa.

Living Room

This loft is not a space designed for a family but their are many ideas (like the two story plunging drapery) that are inspirational and can give you some great ideas for your own home. You do have two story windows right?

I am thrilled that Sunbrella will be one of our sponsors at Serving Up Style this year. We will be recovering some vintage wing backs with both a print and a solid to make more of a statement since this will be the only fabric in the space. I love the print that we chose, it will work perfectly with the library feel.

bukhara russetSunbrella Bukhara Russet

When you are choosing your fabric or your sofa think about what will look the best in your space AND how that will fit into your life. The last thing you want is a piece of furniture in your house you constantly have to remind people not to use. When you’ve made a smart design decision you can get cozy on that couch, curl up together and read a good book or watch an old movie and not give your fabric a second thought!


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  1. Unless you buy a couch from Crate and Barrel, Sunbrella fabric is hard to find. And, when checking with Crate and Barrel for a Sunbrella sofa, the price was over $2,500 for the sofa alone.

    1. Liz – it’s true that you might have to ask about and hunt for Sunbrella in retail stores. If you are having trouble finding a true indoor/outdoor option fabrics treated with Nanotex (a low VOC protectant) make a good alternative.

    1. I have never personally used one but I had several clients who like the fact that they can wash them and they seem to hold up well.