Sunday Afternoon Artwork

We took a short trip to Puerto Vallarta over Spring Break to stay with my close friend and her children. I mentioned it when we were preparing to go but did not keep up with the travel log because our family was unfortunately in a store that was robbed at gunpoint on our first evening there. After that, I was on Mommy High Alert keeping everyone safe and sound and, honestly, nothing else seemed to matter. Everyone recovered (including Mommy) and the rest of our vacation was safe and uneventful.

One of the things that has obviously stayed with Weston (11) from out trip was the work of the spray paint artists we saw on the Malecon, the beachfront promenade. This afternoon, she simply appeared in her old clothes and asked if they were OK for painting. I said yes and she quickly disappeared. Three minutes later she showed back up and wanted to know where the spray paint was now that we had finally cleaned out the garage! She explained she was going to make her own spray paint artwork.

Artwork on the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta

It really was pretty fascinating how they layered, shielded and manipulated the paint. This You Tube video shows the process pretty well if you can stand the music.

Weston’s works are fairly simple by comparison but she had a ball. She layered colors on top of each other and then picked them up and turned them, moving the paint around and letting it drip so they resembled lightning storms. She was outdoors but next time I will be sure to give her a mask. She was thrilled with the results. We could frame them or they look a lot like Italian marbled paper and could be excellent gift cards or book covers. We’ll let you know!

The Final Product
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