The Best Ice Cream Pie

slice-close-up-sizedThe best recipes come served with special memories. My grandmother used to make Grasshopper Pie every year for my birthday so for me it always has a special association with the beginning of Spring. I love that every time I make it I get to use her handwritten recipe card for the Chocolate Sauce, it makes me feel she is still part of my celebration even though she has been gone for many years.

recipe-card-sizedSince my grandmother started making this delicious ice cream pie there have been many innovations at the grocery store that make it easier. She had to make the crust by crushing up chocolate cookies, now you can buy a pre-made Oreo crust. She made the fudge sauce and I still do when I can but sometimes I’ll admit to cheating with store bought chocolate frosting in a pinch. She even had to go to Baskin Robbins to get the mint chocolate chip ice cream which is now easily available in your local supermarket.

materials-savedFor the fast and easy version you just soften the ice cream and spread it in the pre-made crust. Refreeze the pie for at least an hour and frost it. I pipe on the frosting so the ice cream doesn’t melt when I apply it. Add some decorations and you are ready to go!

GH-pie-afterFor the die-hards among us, I put the entire chocolate sauce recipe and steps over at Mohawk Homescapes. I have become a regular contributor there and will let you know when I have something special posted only over there.

I hope you enjoy this delicious treat as a celebration of Spring or even a last minute St. Paddy’s dessert!


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