High Point Market Inspires with a True “Living” Room

One of my favorite parts of visiting High Point Market is the inspiration I find: It could be in showroom windows, from thought provoking speakers, a conversation with a good friend, or in this case in the middle of the street. As a designer it is part of my job to seek out the newest trends and keep fueling my imagination. As Charlotte Moss told visiting designers during her presentation “you have to get up every day and find your inspiration.”

 “Living” Room design by Randy McManus Designs, Inc.

 I especially love the over the top creativity of installments  like this “Living” Dining room literally built in the middle of the street in High Point, NC. A Gypsy Faire tent sets the stage – I have loved Gypsy Faire ever since I discovered them years ago searching for inspiration for poolside cabanas, they now even have “Pup” tents actually  for your pups as well as children’s playhouses, check them out.

Love the “rug” design, this would be so great in a garden! Just some contrasting ground covers.

This palm tie back was especially striking and so simple, it could even be adapted for a tropical or coastal setting.

The hot pink chair frames from Wesley Hall create a bold contrast with the succulents emulating the “fabric.” I love the dusty blue green juxtaposed with the glossy fuchsia.

 The pendant light is covered with moss and hung from a cascade of twigs – a little spray adhesive and some moss and watch out. I’m thinking of trying this out on a traditional chandelier converted to a candlelier for an outdoor pavilion…hmm, what else do I want to cover with moss?

Being an Oregon girl (home of the countries second largest Rose parade – just behind Pasadena) I did hope every element would be made from natural materials. The acrylic table filled with terrarium type plants was difficult to photograph and not that exciting. I would have loved to see the table top, place mats, plates, the whole thing created from living plants, seeds, leaves, etc.  But the colors and plants were beautiful and started the wheels spinning for a darling garden room for girls. Don’t forget you can get inspiration crossing the street. Of course, it helps if you are in the interior design center of the country!

Kudos to everyone involved and thanks for adding a spark of creativity to my visit.

 xo Barbara


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