The Secret to Finding Balance as a Mom and an Individual

July has been a long month of travel for work and family, with one 24 hour visit with a far away friend just for me. I actually found myself standing at my own bathroom sink last night irritated that I could not get the sensor to turn on the water. Needless to say I don’t have an infrared sensor in my powder bath, I have been a little out of balance. Ironically, however, one of the things I did this month was to travel to North Carolina (after driving a 16′ truck from Portland to Tucson to move my son into his college rental house) to attend a Leadership conference by WithIT (Women in the Home Furnishings Industry)  and lead three round table discussion about finding balance in our lives as women and leaders. You know the old saying, you teach what you need to learn!

Website, Book, Family Oh My! How to find Balance in Your Life


Whether you are a stay at home parent or a working parent there is never enough time for everything in a single day, a week, a month or even a year. I have been on both sides of the working mom fence and there are pros and cons to either choice. Currently, I have been raising my five children (older now yes, and so more self-sufficient but in more desperate need of guidance and supervision than a toddler!), working as an interior designer with local clients, building our internet business and writing two books. I will not pretend that I could not have accomplished any of this without help or that my life is in balance.

I lead three different groups and though each discussion had a different personality and perspective there was a common thread. Most of us felt we were fighting fires in our life rather than living with direction and purpose. Additionally, only a handful of women took adequate time for self-care. It is so important to refuel ourselves so we have something to give to others!


For me, the key to balance is to make time away to be able to step back and prioritize my time and then once the decisions have been made about how I will allocate that time to be fully present. When I attended the conference, I went to every seminar and used all of the networking time to connect with friends old and new.

I really enjoyed reconnecting with Traci Zeller another great designer and the mother of twin boys. She led sessions on how to use Pinterest for business, you can check out Traci’s inspirational boards here for great ideas on blending great design and family life.

With Traci Zeller at the WithIT conference


Of course, while you are there don’t forget to check out YES Spaces Pinterest page as well!

I am now at the beach with my family and while here I have been unplugged until today, today I planned for a work day. While I have been unplugged we have body surfed, played games, cooked, kayaked, read in hammocks and walked on the beach. This is my refueling, and I hope it will help me get through the insanely busy September ahead.



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  1. Wonderful wrap-up to the WithIt Conference and how it benefited you AND those you interacted with! It’s always so great to spend time with you, Barbara, and I hope your time of refreshment and relaxation carries over to every aspect of you and your family’s next few months.
    It’s such a timely topic for all Moms and other working women (and who isn’t “working”?!)- balance.
    Sorry about catching Traci with her eyes shut! Must have been the best photo for you to use it, and I messed that one up.