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Looking for a good book for your child to read to either entertain them as you travel over the Labor day weekend or to help ease them from summer into school reading. Turtle in Paradise is a great mix of historical fiction and in a relaxing beach setting. Check out Kyle’s YES Tested review. And be sure to check if your school or state participates in Battle of the Books it’s a great way to get your kid’s reading!


Turtle in Paradise

by Kyle, age 10

Turtle in Paradise

I’m Kyle and I participating in the Oregon Battle of the Books for the forth year in a row. I am going to read all of the books on the OBOB list for the multiple competitions this winter. Here is a review of one of the books I read for last year’s contest.

I read Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm. It was a great book! This is a realistic, historical fiction book that boys and girls will both like because the main character is a tough girl and the other characters are boys. I learned that life was kind of hard in 1935.

In this book, Turtle’s mother is a house maid and her boss doesn’t like kids. So Turtle has to live with her Aunt Minnie in Key West. Her mama tells her that she has a hard shell like a turtle because she is tough. Turtle finds a map and goes on an adventure with the boys. The story kept me interested and I read it quickly.

This book made me want to go to the beach! I hope you read it too!


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Enjoy your last week of summer whether you are at the beach or in your own back yard!


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