YES! You Can Create Fun Spaces Inspired by Board Games!

Interactive family games make great memories. The boards and game pieces make great room décor. When you surround yourself with items that invoke happy thoughts or memories research has shown that you actually feel happier.

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Any time you use something like board games as wall art use a strong editing eye. Look for similar colors that pop and don’t fight with each other. Hang them as a single group not crawling all over your walls. You don’t need to empty your cupboards pick five to seven depending on size or shape. What’s fun about the above boards is some of them are still interactive. The two boards below are much more understated and add to the ambience of a family gathering area without being a strong focal point.

Source: Flower Hill Design Company
Source: Apartment Therapy

These vintage boards add a soft color palette to a nursery changing wall. Baby has something fun to look at and if a tiny hand grabs a board – no one gets hurt and no expensive art is damaged. Win, win!

Source: Apartment Therapy

These board games from are shown in simple deep frames and all the pieces are attached to the back in bags so they can be taken down, played, and hung back up. Genius!

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Anything out of scale to kid’s expectations is always fun and surprising – whether they are giant or tiny. These giant dominos are definitely eye catching. Be careful little people may want to take them down and actually play with them!

Source: Houzz

Softer accessories like pillows and blankets make it easy for kids to interact. Having different letters on the back of the pillows would be even better so kids can spell out different words!

Source: The Design File

You may not be able to actually play checkers on these great painted pillows but you can certainly cuddle up with them while you all play together and what great color and texture they add to your space!

Source: Freda’s Hive

This mom went the extra mile (or climbed the tallest ladder) to give her kids a great interactive YES element. You can cuddle under this beautiful quilt, use it as a wall hanging or actually play the game on it. Fantastic!

Source: Coaster Furniture

And, of course, any giant game piece that can actually be used is going to be the best addition of all! You could roll this ottoman, sit on it, or put your feet up.

And don’t forget the back yard. A giant chess set evokes afternoons of Alice and Wonderland like picnics. They might even lead to a Mad Tea Party or Two.

Using game pieces or boards in your décor will definitely add some fun, just make sure you choose carefully and know you are inviting interaction so plan accordingly! Advance to Go!


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