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Best Corner Bar Cabinets

10 Best Corner Bar Cabinets

One of the best ways to pull your man cave together, perhaps with some enjoyable flashes, and without introverting your weekend triple is investing in the best corner bar cabinet.

Having the best corner cabinet will make it easier to serve yourself and friends some lusty beverages- while promoting a charming character to your living room. With contemporary online furniture variety, it can be a real challenge to get what you are looking for.

To save you the struggle, we conducted the research and revealed 10 best corner bar cabinets. They come in different styles and prices and are virtually the best you can find on the market today.

Thereinafter, we’ve developed a prolific buyer’s guide, including some handy tips on what to consider when choosing your best corner cabinet.

Myron Traditional Corner Home Bar Cabinet- Best Overall

Why we like it

The Myron Home Bar Cabinet is designed with excellent highlights, rarely found with other models. It sets a standard of what a high-quality corner bar cabinet should be comprised of. You can reasonably trust it for the test of time, thanks to its robust hardwood frame.


It comes with a tall, sturdy structure made of glass components and hardwood with a dark embrace finish that will make any room shine.

There are three upper cabinets, and each comes with three shelves. For the lower cabinet, it features a dual shelving and lockable doors.

The upper cabinet shelves are incredibly spacious and will often exceed your loading needs. Additionally, the unit comes with a built-in lighting system.


  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Durable and stable unit
  • It arrives assembled, hence saving a lot of time
  • Lighting system incorporated
  • Lockable lower shelves, (for storing some vital collection)


  • Expensive

Our verdict

The dark cherry varnish on this bar cabinet is perfect to complement your house décor while occupying very little space. You can also count on the lighting system to set the most suitable mood on various occasions.

Boahaus Corner Bar 2 Glass Door- Premium Choice

Why we like it

This is the best corner bar cabinet within the $200 price range. It comes with a versatile design to fit any room. It’s a lightweight and compact unit weighing only 63 lbs and features the best quality storage facilities.


As a superior choice, the Boahaus Corner Bar comes in an elegant dark brown, aesthetic wood look. It is made of refined wood embedded with melamine covering.

The corner bar cabinet arrives with numerous shelves plus a mirrored wall. It’s an ideal version that prompts a natural accent in any living space.

It holds multiple bottles, and with some few assemblies, this best corner bar cabinet can fit into almost any space.

It presents a glass rack that incomparably accommodates your wine glasses. It also features an exposed compartment to reserve your coolers like drink shakers, along with other equipment.

This corner bar boasts a unique design that can fit any room with ease, conceding with the rest of the furniture and fittings.

For Shipping and assembly clarifications, reviewers have it that this company offers remarkable customer services, and are fantastic.


  •     Provides ample storage with open compartment and glass rack
  •     The entire unit is lightweight with only 63lbs
  •     Budget-friendly choice


  •     Requires some assembly

Our verdict

Additionally, the shipping from the manufacturer is free, and the two glass doors are well protected while shipping, so you don’t fret about damages or such.

Howard Miller Piedmont II Bar Storage Cabinet- Great Value

What we like

This traditionally styled bar and wine cabinet present a great combination of plentiful storage and excellent space-saving corner design.


Veneers and worn black varnish on various hardwoods are casually distressed for greater antique. The bottom cabinet includes a metal wine rack that can hold 13 bottles, and a couple of fixed shelves for storing mixtures, spirits, and bartender’s guides.

It has a center glass window built on the lower locking door, which prominently displays your wine variety and the accessories.

On the lower door (upper right hinge), the model embeds Touch-Light controllable switch that provides four lighting levels: off, low, medium, and high. The back panels on the upper cabinet are glass mirrored.

Under each corner, the model incorporates adjustable levers to enhance stability on unlevelled carpet floors.


  • Durable hardwood frame
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Adjustable levers
  • Corner design takes minimal space
  • Plentiful storage space for special occasions


  • Quite costly

Our Verdict

The unit is suitable for setting the mood in any room for your preference using the lighting control and the sleek, elegant finish. Plus, you don’t fret about space since the corner design will spare you a lot while providing enough storage space to house your wine collection.

Home Source DCO6 Corner Bar Cabinet

What we like

With three different colors: black, grey, and mahogany, the Home Source DC06 Corner Bar Cabinet is one of the best versions on the market today. It’s a premium choice that can present a pleasant accent in your living space, fits comfortably, and can resemble almost any scheme in your home.


Details for the whole set and caboodle starts with its compact dimensions- measuring 31.5″x 23.62″x 73.2″. It is such a spacious unit you can count on to fit in your room and accommodate your entire glassware and bottles.

The model comes with a glass rack capable of holding four wine glasses, and an in-built compartment for wine bottles.

It is composed of sturdy, high-quality wood, durable, and reliable, and features a compact design to improve your living room appearance.

Moreover, the unit brings you a stunning selection of shelving options, meaning you can modify it to meet various needs in your dining room.


  •     Great customer services experience
  •     Safe shelving brackets for glasses
  •     The bottom cabinet has an additional shelf


  •     Can take a couple of hours to assemble

Our verdict

One thing we loved about this unit is that much affordable yet brings plentiful storage while occupying very minimal room space. Plus, you can have to improve the good-looking of your living room, thanks to the sleek finish and unusual display design.

Bar Coaster Home Unit with Acrylic Front White

Why we like it

With its acrylic front white aesthetics, the Coaster Home Unit is a great model that boasts incredible features worth mentioning under the best corner bar cabinet line-up.


This corner bar component is made of metal, particleboard, glass, PVC veneer, and acrylic. It is available in three distinct layout colors: bright, white, and chrome.

Nonetheless, you can obtain the bar cart in white, black, or silver- even though we like the white color most since it adds the most elegant fashionable look across any bar area.

As a robust, sturdy unit, the Coaster Home Furnishing bar cabinet retains 88 lbs, including the top glass shelf, while the lower wood together with glass shelves holds about 66 lbs.

It has three glass holders provides you with a glassware capacity of up to six drinking glasses.

The corner cabinet is delivered with a curved silhouette that facilitates its fitting capabilities for most rooms with different layouts.

It also provides a variety of prep spaces that help you to access and mix drinks at your convenience. This is because it can accommodate multiple bar accessories, cocktail ingredients, and even stemware.


  •     Solid and stable unit
  •     12- Glass holding capacity
  •     Stunning choice with modernized flair


  •     Not the most up-front version to assemble

Our verdict

Overall, the Coaster Home Furnishing Bar Unit is an excellent choice to supplement the appearance of your rooms. It has a gleaming chrome ascent that works exceptionally for a cool, calm, and collected living space.

Mango Steam Contemporary Home Liquor Bar Cabinet

What we like

This is one of the most reliable, affordable corner bar cabinets. It incorporates all the basics any décor enthusiasts can practically expect from a top-notch corner bar unit. Yet you won’t miss the mark on quality while saving some money. It’s the best choice for people under budget constraints.


When you order, rest assured to get a tempered set of glass shelves that will grant you all the space to stash your wine and other accessories.

The home liquor bar unit, the model comes with front guard rails to help avert accidental spills or bottle breakage.

There are four front stands, and two back stands for maximum stability of this cart that measures virtually four feet long. The glass shelves are more than one foot deep, and the whole unit is easy to assemble.


  • Well-designed, modernized corner cabinet
  • Incredibly priced
  • Spacious unit to hold a variety of drinks and accessories


  • The stuck-on-glass instructions are hard to peel off

Our verdict

The Home Liquor Bar Cabinet is highly recommended. It is not only space-saving but also offers sufficient storage for your whiskey and wine bottles.

Ram Gameroom Corner Bar Cabinet

What we like

With all exclusivities, the Ram Gameroom is definitely one of the top-rated bar cabinets you can buy. However, this unit is relatively expensive in comparison to other models.


The superior corner bar unit provides massive storage capacity for your bottles and glassware, and it incorporates an embedded stemware rack.

The gorgeous, stunning look postured by this corner cabinet stems from its hardwood and veneer cappuccino layout- but you can also get it in black.

It boasts a sheer number of four mirrors that enhance the aspects and sophistication.


  • Classy, contemporary mirrors
  • Easy assembly
  • Steam racks for stashing your wine glasses


  • Highly-priced

Our Verdict

This unit brings all essentials for storing and securing your liquor and accessories while saving spaces with its corner-friendly layout. Whether you want it to add-on your existing décor or just a stand-alone corner unit, the Ram Gameroom will always present remarkable performance.

Furniture HotSpot Corner Bar Cabinet

What we like

Cheering out of birch veneer and manufactured wood, the Furniture HotSpot Corner Bar Cabinet boasts a luxurious mid-century look.


The assembly process requires two people, but it comes with well-structured instructions, which makes the whole job much more comfortable.

It comes with a top front down-pull door and an open bottom shelf. Ideally, you can pull down to open the storage shelf and easily fold out the countertop to mix drinks and serve short of a struggle.

Available in a gleaming, tobacco brown, the Furniture HotSpot Cabinet will certainly concede with antique brass hardware.


  • Composed of robust, best quality materials
  • Anti-flip hardware prevents breakage
  • Additional storage space in shelves and foldout drawers


  • At least two people to assemble

Our verdict

It is a heavy-duty unit equipped with solid anti-flip hardware for easy and secure usage. It provides plenty of space, as much as you need for your glasses, ice buckets, small plates as well as other accessories.

Corner Arms Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Why we like it

Mahogany is probably the most striking color for a luxurious corner bar cabinet like the Corner Arms, but you can always get one in black as well. It is one of the most exclusive bar cabinets online and has great customer support.


Featuring metal and wood structure, most components in this unit come assembles, hence saving some time. However, you can always add more dowels to increase the stability of the cabinet.

It’s a heavy-duty, long-lasting liquor model that offers ample storage capacity for various bar equipment. And even though it might take you a few hours to assemble, the ultimate results will be impressive.

The highlight in this corner bar cabinet rests in the mirrored background that displays your wine collection and liquor professionally.


  • Spacious unit for storage purposes
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Shipped partially assembled


  • Hanging rack doesn’t accommodate all stemware sizes.

Our Verdict

This is a one-stop bar cabinet to consider, particularly if you want one that combines storage capabilities with a sleek finish for an extra character in your room. You’ll also enjoy securing some good wine in the lockable lower cabinet.

Tuhome Syrah Corner Bar Cabinet

What we like

This unit is made of sturdy board and arrives in walnut shades- a unique brown aspect that is certain to match any décor. We also like the elegant but simple design that offers a high-key ascent to any room.


Apart from being approved by the CARB, the product is shipped with a three-year warranty. It provides remarkable safety and plenty of storage to accommodate your liquor and wine bottles.

It also incorporates eight compartments for bottles and goes even further to add two cabinets for sufficient storage.

Similar to other corner bar cabinet, this unit requires some assembly to put things right, but it will snugly fit into any corner. Its trendy and accommodative design will definitely catch the eyes of your visitors.


  • Three-year warranty attests the best quality
  • Beautiful and unique walnut shades
  • CARB certified


  • Assembly is required

Buyers Guide

Before you transact for your ultimate corner cabinet, consider the following thoughtful FAQs to determine what is entailed by the best corner bar cabinet. This way, you’ll be acquainted with what matters most when it comes to selecting the best accessory for your home.

How many guests to serve with your corner bar cabinet?

Consider the people who will use your corner bar unit. For instance, if it’s only for you, you might not need all the massive storage space as you would need for a bar cabinet that’s meant to serve many people.

On the same note, if you’ll have to use the corner bar cabinet for entertainment purposes, you’ll probably need a larger unit extra storage and showcase spaces. Moreover, if you want one mostly for decoration, you can ideally go for what looks good.

How much space is required for a corner bar cabinet?

Corner bar cabinets are available in different shapes and sizes. You have to determine the most suitable size for you. Consider the available space that you have. Remember, any cabinet that makes your room look/feel congested is not the best choice for you.

Ideally, you can choose a portable or caster embedded bar cabinet if your space is limited. You might also want to pick a smaller cabinet that will create room for other equipment like cooler.

What kind of beverage to serve from a corner bar cabinet?

Consider the types of drinks you’d want to serve from the corner bar cabinet. Go for a cabinet that best match with those types of beverages. For instance, if you like mostly beer, it could be better to have a beer fridge incorporated in your bar cabinet.

Nonetheless, if you fancy a harder cocktail, you can consider choosing a corner bar unit that comes with plentiful space to mix your drinks with ease.

Which corner bar cabinets come with the best aesthetics?

Aesthetics are essential when it comes to choosing the best corner bar unit. You’ll find a wide range of cabinets.

Some bring beautiful accents into your existing space, and others serve as a piece of statement that pulls all your room together. You’ll come across multiple choices for things such as finishes and accessories. So, be sure to match your bar’s aesthetics with the rest of your room.

What warranty terms will escort your purchase?

Some manufacturers don’t offer guarantees, and if that is immaterial to you, it’s still important to understand what entails the terms of trade. This is especially crucial if your corner bar incorporates things like cooling units and other features with costly parts that you may need to replace.


After knowing what to look for, you can now proceed and spend on a great course. While the best option is subject to your budget and amusement needs, the best corner bar cabinet will not only satisfy these necessities but also present a gorgeous bit to any living room.

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