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Best Office Chair Under 200

Best Office Chair Under $200

To any working professional who spends most time sitting in the office, it’s undoubtedly important to have a good quality ergonomic chair in place. As such, we’ve developed the following buying guide of the office chair under 200 to get the most suitable product for needs. A supportive and comfortable seat can help alleviate back pains and muscle cramps while improving your productivity as well.

Different studies are coming out constantly, connecting anatomic issues to spending an extended period of time while sitting. And with the astonishing rate at which most youths are suffering from back problems, this is the high time to secure a reliable general or computer office chair for yourself.

Nonetheless, the market is littered with lots of options making it hard to choose a reliable office chair. So in this guide, we’ll take you through the best office chairs under $200 price category and various aspects to check out when buying your piece.

Best Overall- Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

  •   Breathable mesh back
  •   Thick padded seat
  •   High-quality steel frame
  •   Quality rollerblade caster wheels

Premium Choice- Lorell Executive High Back Mesh Chair

  •   Tilt-tension for recline
  •   Good Height level
  •   Adjustable armrests
  •   Airflow design with the ability to regulate temperature

Great Value- Hbada Recliner Mesh Office Computer Chair with Headrest

  •   Adjustable height
  •   Beautiful design
  •   Durable office chair
  •   Comfortable glide seat

Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

The Duramount is an exceptional pick if you want the best ergonomic office chair around $200 bulks. The backrest features an “S” shape that helps it to align with your spine curvature

Why we like it

We like the Duramont lumbar support. Both the height and firmness are easily adjustable using the available dial. The backrest is made with breathable mesh. So you will be impressed for sure during hot, sweaty days. In addition to the adjustable height, the headrest is ergonomic as well and can be reclined to contour the shape of the user’s neck.

The chair is also equipped with a backrest reclining mechanism (up to 120 degrees backward & lockable), which allows you to work, relax, or even take a quick nap for the moment.


  •   330 user weight capacity
  •   Backrest reclining mechanism
  •   Durable steel frame
  •   Breathable mesh back


  •   Stellar lumbar support
  •   High-quality steel frame
  •   Quality rollerblade caster wheels
  •   Thick padded seat
  •   Breathable mesh


  •   The cushion is a bit too solid for some people

Our Verdict

With multi-directional lumbar support, unique headrest and a state-of-the-art rollerblade-like caster wheels, this is undoubtedly the best office chair under $200 price range.

Lorell Executive High Back Mesh Chair

The Lorell Executive Back Mesh Chair comes with a variety of features at a thrifty price tag. Despite being under $200 category, this budget-friendly unit is incredibly versatile from both quality and economic standpoint.

Why we like it

The Lorell Executive High Back Chair includes an adjustable pneumatic seat based on the user’s height from 17 to 21 inches. It also features a tilt tension so you can recline the chair back.

Its lumbar support is well-curved to align with your anatomic spine curvature. The armrest is padded, and both height and width are adjustable, making it feel even more comfortable and ergonomic.


  •   Lowest height- 14.”
  •   Seat range 3.”
  •   250 user weight capacity
  •   360-degrees swivel
  •   Airflow design with the ability to regulate temperature


  •   Excellent maneuverability
  •   Multi-functional mechanism
  •   Good Height level
  •   Easy assembly
  •   Tilt-tension for recline
  •   Adjustable armrests


  •   Not suitable for taller persons above 6’3”
  •   The seat might be on the delicate side for some users

Our Verdict

The Lorell High Black Mesh Office Chair is an excellent ergonomically designed unit that comes with a lot of adjustment options. High office chair at a budget price.

Hbada Recliner Mesh Office Computer Chair with Headrest

This is another excellent recliner office chair that renders ultimate comfort with its high-end design. It is also perfected for gaming as it incorporates both footrest and headrest features for max comfort.

Why we like it

Even with its budget price tag, the Hbada recliner office chair can be confused or mistaken with some of the most premium and pricey office chairs. It can recline considering all the additional perks such as footrest and headrest.

The modern ergonomic black mesh helps in increasing airflow, thereby keeping you cool and collected during long sessions. The sitting cushion is slightly sloped downwards to help alleviate stress on your legs. The suggested user height for this office chair is 5’10” individuals.


  •   Weight capacity- 300 pounds
  •   Seating area- 26.8L x 26.8W
  •   Seat range- 3.2 inches
  •   Headrest measurements- 45.7 x 50.4 inches


  •   Pull-out footrest
  •   Breathable material
  •   Adjustable height
  •   Beautiful design
  •   155-degrees recline


  •   Not the best for taller people with 5’10” height
  •   The armrest is not adjustable, but rather adaptive when reclining.

Our Verdict

This chair is meant for ultimate comfort featuring a reclining mechanism that makes it outright gorgeous. And being under the 200 price category, we believe it is an incredible buy.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Modway office chair is built with comfort in mind and comes with a 6″ seat cushion, which makes it a perfect option for daily use.

Why we like it

This mesh office chair boasts breathable fabric, passive lumbar support plus a generously padded and well-contoured 6-inch thick seat cushioning. As such, it brings you the much-needed comfort while sitting in front of your office computer all day long.

The chair is designed to support a max user weight of 330 pounds, making it one of the most supportive and heavy-duty office chairs under 200 bulks. The available casters allow you to relocate easily and flawlessly, even on carpet. And the whole thing is made of a sturdy dual-tone base for the layout.


  •   Height range- 37 to 41.5 inch tall
  •   Armrest height range- 27.5 to 32 inch tall
  •   Backrest- 22 inches tall.
  •   Seat range 4.5 inches
  •   Weight capacity of 330 pounds


  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Support users up to 330 pounds
  •   Six-inch cushioning for extra comfort
  •   Three adjustment levels
  •   Available in multiple colors to suit your office


  •   Back isn’t adjustable
  •   Armrest can’t be customized horizontally (in/out)

Our Verdict

With customizable armrest and pneumatic chair height adjustment, this is definitely amongst the most supportive and reliable office chairs that you can get for such a price.

Cedric Furniture Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This best adjustable mesh chair comes with exceptional lumbar support and headrest and serves great for almost any user. It’s a strong alternative office chair to the more expensive models, with similar aspects and adjustability.

Why we like it

The Cedrick Furniture Ergonomic Mesh Chair has an adjustable headrest designed to fit multiple people with maximum comfort. The headrest isn’t the only comfort, but you can rotate it as well to match you with your craved comfort level.


  •   Seat area- 25.3” width by 20” depth
  •   Total chair height- 46.8.”
  •   Maximum adjustable height- 59.”
  •   Seat range of 3.1.”
  •   Weight capacity of 350 lbs


  •   Adjustable headrest
  •   55.5 cm cushion density
  •   Adjustable lumbar support
  •   Adjustable armrest height
  •   135- Degree angle tilt
  •   Support 350 lbs
  •   Locking chair mechanism facilitates continuous tilt


  •   Armrest can’t be adjusted horizontally (in/out)
  •   Castes size isn’t rather enough to roll on the carpet

Our Verdict

Although it’s not precisely like high-end chairs, we believe it incorporates all standards features that you can be satisfied with for the price. Unlike most chairs, this enables you to lock your back configuration at 135 degrees angle.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

No matter how much you weigh, this chair comes sturdy and reliable enough to support your body and grant you maximum comfort and relaxation while in the office. It supports up to 350 lbs of body weight, and many customers with height above 6′ large bodyweight have testified to the immense comfort while using this chair.

Why we like it

The seat and backrest feature brown bonded leather to make sure it renders excellent comfort to the user’s body. It has a deep padding and curved armrest that are also padded with merged leather to support your wrist, arms, and hands properly. However, the armrest height is fixed, not adjustable.

It also has an adjustable lumbar support mechanism to help you tilt and adjust the unit in the most optimal angle. The chair comes with smooth-rolling caster wheels that make it easier for you to shift the chair- not to mention you can swivel for a complete 360 degree.


  •   High back executive chair
  •   Supports up to 350 pounds
  •   360- Degrees swivel
  •   Pneumatic seat adjustments
  •   Overall measurements (WxDxH)- 27.25 x 29.5 x 47 inches


  •   Extremely comfort
  •   Great value chair under 200
  •   350 user weight capacity
  •   Best for large-bodied tall persons
  •   Easy to assemble


  •   U-adjustable armrests
  •   Backrest and seat leather might be sweaty during summer.

Our Verdict

Overall, the AmazonBasics is extremely great with super built-up quality. With the immense amount of support and comfort, it’ll undoubtedly offer great value for money.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

This is another first-class office chair under 200. It has excellent customer support and will grant you great support and comfort for sure. The seat is fully padded using Eco-leather that keeps you sitting comfortably and relaxed all day long while the mesh siding makes it luxuriously breathable.

Why we like it

The armrests of this chair are decently designed and the mesh back sturdy. This helps you to lean your back comfortably while providing fantastic comfort to your back as well as lower lumbar support. With the adjustable tension knob, you can quickly rock the chair back and forth and use the lock option to keep the seat back in the most preferred position.

It’s perfect for people with short and average height. However, users with a height of 6 feet will still have great experience sitting on this chair- it’s designed to adjust according to the user’s preference.


  •   Adjustable armrest
  •   Premium choice for the price
  •   Easy to set-up
  •   Breathable seatback
  •   Reliable office chair


  •   Armrest may be slightly uncomfortable for larger arms
  •   No separate headrest available

Our Verdict

This is a great budget-friendly office chair that is designed to offer great support and comfort to your body. And with a max user weight capacity of 250 lbs, we believe it can support nearly all persons with an adjustable seat height of 19 to 25″.

TOPSKY Mesh Computer Ergonomic Chair

This ergonomic office chair by TOPSKY is a well-built and budget-friendly alternative to more expensive models. It features adjustable armrest and headrest with a breathable mesh back.

Why we like it

With the breathable skeletal frame (high back), this unit will come pretty much easy for taller users to lean their back against the backrest for added comfort during working hours. The lumbar support is adjustable, and you can modify the lumbar cushion outward/inward for more precise support.

Besides being budget, these chairs incorporate some versatile features found with more expensive models. The headrest is 3D adjustable, meaning you can move your head up/down based on how you feel more comfortable.


  •   Headrest and lumbar support
  •   High quality
  •   High-quality strength mesh
  •   Adjustable and soft pad armrest


  •   Breathable mesh back
  •   Adjustable 3D headrest
  •   Sturdy built-up design
  •   Adjustable lumbar support
  •   Excellent customer support
  •   One year warranty


  •   The set-up instructions aren’t proper.
  •   Armrest might be somewhat uncomfortable for persons with big arms

Our Verdict

The TOPSKY Mesh Computer Ergonomic Chair is among the best office chairs under 200 with a lot of adjustable features. The 3.5” armrest can also be adjusted to match your height using the provided button on the side and comes with a unique coat hanger.

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Office Factor offers you an ergonomic office chair that can be proved as the best bench chair under 200 dollars. It’s designed with various considerations in mind, including significant problems associated with long every day sitting.

Why we like it

The chairs can hold up to 250 pounds. Heavy persons will definitely feel comfortable and relaxed working in the office or just relaxing during free time. The whole thing comes at around 34 pounds, so it is much easier to move around within your office or home.

The seat is padded using black leather and designed for ultimate comfort and support for your legs. This helps in improving blood circulation and preventing any numbness. It has a heavy-duty mesh back for comprehensive back support when you lean on it.


  •   Durable mesh back office chair
  •   Ergonomic design
  •   250 pounds user weight
  •   Flip-up arms
  •   Offered in multiple colors


  •   Molded seat for added comfort
  •   Easy to assembly
  •   Sturdy and solid built-up
  •   Heavy-duty, breathable mesh back
  •   You can quickly flip the armrest in and out


  •   No headrest support
  •   Lumbar support not adjustable
  •   Armrest height isn’t adjustable

Our Verdict

This chair is truly budget, but it contains all the essentials for remarkable comfort while in the office. It has two flips up arms, and both are padded with the same leather. The gas lift comes in handy for seat height adjustments. Additionally, you can recline the seat back to your most comfortable and lock it with the tilt adjustment system.

Viva Office Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair

This is the last perfect match for your needs and one with the best value for your money. It comes with an ergonomic design that helps to alleviate back pain, making you feel more comfortable while in office.

Why we like it

The chair features a breathable mesh high back, which is designed to offer additional back and lumbar support. You can easily adjust the headrest by lowering or raising to your most comfortable position.

It also comes with a couple of height-adjustable armrests that you adjust through the side buttons. The seat of this chair is also padded with comfy black mesh fabric that makes it able to release heat and moisture when sitting continuously during long working hours.

The pneumatic height adjustments help you to control the seat positions to your likings. The chair features a high-quality platform and casters for portability. It comes with a specified maximum user weight of 250 pounds, and it is very easy to set up.


  •   Premium fabric upholstery
  •   Mesh high back office & home chair
  •   Awesome tilt tension mechanism
  •   Max user weight capacity of 250 pounds
  •   One year component exchange


  •   The breathable mesh material used in seat and backrest
  •   Adjustable headrest for more head support
  •   Armrest height is also adjustable
  •   Solid and reliable office unit
  •   Bonded leather for luxurious comfort


  •   Armrests are not padded
  •   Not ideal for people above 250 lbs of body weight

Our Verdict

While you don’t want to spend much on more upper-class stuff, this office chair under 200 incorporates virtually everything you’d expect to find on such pricy chairs. It’s a perfect buy and will ultimately make you more productive in the office.

Best Office Chair under 200- Buying Guide

It is easier to count on reviews when searching for your office chair as it helps in knowing which product is best for you. When looking for the most affordable, durable, and comfortable office chair, there are various essential factors to think through. On that note, we have compressed the following tips- very understandable without excessive reading.


The first thing to consider is whether the chair provides adjustable options. If you lack affirmative info about the product’s adjustability, then that’s a no! The best office chair under 200 should incorporate adjustability spans across various aspects. Thus go for something with adjustable height, armrest, and back to suit your comfort level altogether.


This is the prime reason behind getting an ergonomic office chair. You have to get yourself a chair that will help alleviate back/whole body pains while sitting on it. While most office chairs at this price range claim to feature lumbar support for your back, you’ll be surprised at how many will offer adjustable lumbar support. This feature allows you to customize the chair as per your spine and body type.


The third factor goes for the material. You need to pay close attention to the built structure and the finishing of the chair. For a computer chair to serve for a considerable time, the built structure has to be durable and composed of high-quality materials.

Consider going through the product manual to have an idea of what materials are employed. This will help you to know whether it contains a mesh finishing or it has that kind of lousy leather that gets hot when subjected to long sitting hours.

Quality leather can last the test of time, while the breathable mesh will help prolong the periods of sitting. That said, the best option is the one that features these two materials.


Basically, any office chair should present a top-notch ergonomic design so you can achieve sustainable support and comfort. Besides the lower and upper back support, check out your hip positioning before purchasing the chair. Ultimately, it should create an “S” shape to match your back and not actually a “C” shape. This can make the whole difference.


The last tip concerns the price. Although the price is more likely to dictate the features included in a particular chair, this is not always the case as most competitive brands will offer a variety of features for fairly frugal prices.

As such, have a feasible budget targeted for a specific chair you want and look out for something that’s just about the range. Don’t just discard a product for the price. Instead, be wise enough to ascertain what the product brings about at that price tag.


In a nutshell, it’s always essential to have some prior knowledge about the product before making the transaction. Hopefully, you know the various features to consider when buying an office chair. The above tips will help you get the best office chair under 200 without a struggle. Among other things, you need to pay attention to adjustability, comfort & support as well as the materials used in creating the chair.


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